About Deluxe Nails & Spa and reviews


Gretchen G.

After a day of errands, my last stop is to get my nails done. Not even looking or thinking of the time, I stop in around 6:30 (1 hour before they close). My nail tech treated me as if I was the first client of the day instead of the last. She was very friendly and sweet to talk to. She did not rush or take any short cuts. My nails look great and I only paid for the dipping powder. Everyone else in the salon was super friendly as well. Great customer service and great clientele??! Can't beat it! I'll gladly be back!

Ashley M.

After several for visits I had a terrible experience last time I went in. Everyone was still nice enough and welcoming when I went in on 9/6, my tech was a nice gentleman's who's name I do not recall. I got my dip nails redone and I didn't necessarily notice any missteps on the techs part. HOWEVER: it's 9/18 and I just had to get my nails redone because 3 had cracked totally in half and almost every other one was completely separated from the nail itself. It's been like this for days and I just now had time to go. Honestly about 5-6 days out from service and they were looking roughhhh. And I don't have long nails where they would break off easy either. I have nails as short as they can make them. The salon I went to today in Southlake was making fun of how terrible they were before they soaked them off. Usually my nails last at minimum 3 weeks but honestly most of the time I can stretch it to 4 weeks because my nails don't grow that quickly, so to have them last less than two weeks is disappointing to say the least. I will not be back now that I am working in Southlake and have access salons in that area after seeing the quality of the service received. Was this review …?

Koon N Chanel L.

5 stars for Deluxe! My nail tech, Nancy, was extremely patient with me. After telling her the wrong shape I wanted for my nails, she was able to fix it and made it exactly what I wanted. Plus, she had great conversation! Definitely found my new nail spot. Comfy & Clean as well. No alcohol beverages. Photo of Deluxe Nails & Spa - Fort Worth, TX, United States. French tip dip French tip dip

Hileh H.

I just wanted to let yall know the lady who did my nails today was sooo rude to me. I am a new mom and never get alone time and my experience was ruined... she did not even take all my nail polish off before she did my nails, and then told me i need to pick another color... so i went to pick another color and not even 10 seconds later she came and yelled at me to hurry up. She also missed the sides of my acrylics, and you can still see my old nail polish... im very disappointed Notice in the photos my nails look two weeks grown out and u can still see my old polish

Kris C.

Let me first say that my rating system is as follows. 5* means that I have spotted a unicorn (the gold standard). 4* has somewhat somewhat exceeded my expectation, 3* came in the ballpark of my expectation, 2* could pass in the general public if you literally had no other option, 1* should just be shut down. My regular nail tech is 5*, she is a unicorn to you and will remain so! I already can hardly get an appt. which is why I ended up here today. This place was bustling and the front desk was pleasant. My normal expectation for nail salons is cattle drive with efficient, albeit, a crap shoot of nail techs. Jimmy was my tech. Yes, I name names! He did a great job of removing the dip. This is usually the greatest cause of anxiety with a salon. Hard core unnecessary drilling. However, I was disappointed with the final outcome of my choice. A yellow shimmer that was see through and brassy. My tech told me I should have used the solid color first, then the shimmer. My girl, the unicorn, would have known to tell me that. She would also make a face if something would not come out on my nail as presented in the selection. The tech DID offer to try to make it right. STOP RIGHT HERE. If you area an introvert, these salons are not for you because you are not likely to stand up for yourself. And you HAVE to! I told him to go ahead. It made a difference but the shimmer was brassier than the pic and the end result was not my vision. HOWEVER, that is my opinion and preference. Overall I would recommend this salon and tech if you are in a hurry, need to get by, or are able to make on mark color selections. I also received a pedicure. Heels we still a bit ragged but I chose the standard service. Nothing special, but other salons have a higher "standard" in this department, but that is how I choose to interpret the service. The polish was decent. I hope this review is helpful!

Autumn B.

I got the most expensive manicure package the dream whatever, I asked for one thing and got something completely different. The nails are great, but they aren't what I paid for. We also got massages but 20 minutes after the appointment I developed a rash. I'm not allergic to anythinggggggg. The nail tech who did my grandmothers barely talked to her even though my grandmother kept trying to engage in conversation. This wasn't my first time going all my other experiences have been amazing. But I'm extremely irritated with how my nails turned out considering they were .

Diane L.

I've been here numerous times bc they do a pretty good job and hardly have a wait. Prices are decent as well. I normally get pedicures and the polish is almost always perfect. Occasionally, I'll have a scratch but if ever noticed by the tech they fix immediately. One time my mom went to the bathroom afterwards and managed to mess up nearly all of them. The tech was so patient and fixed them all while sitting on the floor. I've been maybe 30 or more times and I obviously haven't had any really bad experiences to not go back. My whole family of 6 had gone and we enjoy it Everytime.

Renee C.

It was my first time of getting an eyebrow wax there yesterday. The girl who did the waxing was so rough that my eye area is still swollen and I still have some redness too. I wouldn't recommend this place for eyebrow waxing unless you have lids of steel.

Janet D.

I come here for my manicure/pedicure mainly mainly because I know I will be serviced quickly due to the amount of staff they have on deck at all times. I was a bit disappointed by the next gen (dipped) nails I got done last time because they hardly lasted a week before lifting off around the edges. I'll give it another try before trying somewhere else. It's conveniently located in Alliance which is a plus.