Cheap gifts for women

Hello girls!
Now, during the Christmas season, most men go crazy trying to find economic gifts for women, already know that they have less imagination ... you can not do anything haha.
One option is to check my post from last year GIFT OF THE 5 SENSES FOR THESE CHRISTMAS or VALENTINE GIFTS.

R economic and original women's earrings :

The first is this original called kiss cup Is not it gorgeous? also always remember your kisses. Its price is 11.90 €
cup remains lipstick signal
- Cushions of lovers, they are personalized with the name you want. In addition you will be very well decorated your sofa or bedroom.
cushions i love

- Rosebuds for a relaxing and romantic bath , its price is € 10, the cocoon sounds really bad but are they really beautiful?

soap roses for the shower
- If your girl, friend, sister ... is fond of photography or blogging, I'm sure you love this objective lens cup. I have it and when they gave it to me, I did not cry with a miracle, that's what good photographers will understand.

There's nothing better than having breakfast with something you're really passionate about.

target cup
Pero if you really want to surprise for better or for worse we do not know ... you can not miss this economic gift for women . This nose shaped Gel dispenser !! They can not tell you that it is not original, although it is a little ugly. But if your partner, sister ... is a geek, she will be delighted.
nose gel dispenser
And if you do not like any of these gifts because it uses the usual ones for example a bouquet of flowers that if you make sure it is not allergic!
What do you think of my proposals for economic gifts for women ?