Purposes fulfilled year 2013

Hello girls!
Last year for January, participate in a TODAY you can see it here telling my purposes for the year 2013 . The year is in the last. Will I have fulfilled any of my purposes?
purpose to meet
Let's see it: -)
1. Learning English is my unfinished business>> and it is still my unfinished business because I was not taken in the EOI.

2. Learning Portuguese>> did not happen to me the same as English.
3. Reaching 50000 visits on the blog, although that does not depend on my 🙂>> yupi in anything quadruples: -)
4. Write 300 entries>> we are reaching 500!
5. Buy new camera>> just bought in brief I show you.
6. Finding a job, this is largely not up to me either :-)>> You can not see that they are sold too expensive!
7. Read 13 books, I hope to read more but I put that for being the 2013>> bad, bad if I have reached 7 will be a miracle, but why I read many blogs haha.
8. I will hydrate my skin day and night; although I'm too lazy, haha ​​but I'll try!>> I've skipped it once, but 90% of the time I've fulfilled it.
9. Do not leave everything for the last day, I'm always tomorrow, tomorrow ... and tomorrow and I've never done anything!>> I think I got it, I started buying Christmas gifts in November, that's a success haha.
10 Learn how to put on makeup, watching your blog I'm learning>> I do not make up but some things if I've learned.
11. Being a better person>> also means: -)
12. Do not be so border, I'm really border with who is with me but sometimes I step over the edge, I recognize it!>> I did not get it either because I'm still very close to whoever it is with me.
13. Operating from sight, I've been trying to operate for 2 years (myopia) but fear can! Have you ever operated?>> and I'll continue for 4, 5 and 6 years because I'm still scared.
I've only completed 13 haha ​​completely but hear something is something!!
And do you encourage yourself to write about your goals for 2014? What do you think of my purposes fulfilled ? Besitos