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Hello girls!
Today I wanted to tell you about a website called Rosewholesale , where you can find clothes of all kinds, shoes, bags, bracelets, pendants ... at very good prices, but the good prices ... I'll solve it below.
Rosewholesale is a buyincoins website but more focused on clothing and accessories and according to the brand with very low prices.
purchases in rosewholesale

Do you want to see what I bought in Rosewholesale ?

American Jacket for a price of $ 7.42. I was a little afraid of the sizes but in terms of size it was good for me. But if it is true that the quality is a little bad, it's like onion cloth.
It's not bad at all for the American price, but do not expect high quality, come on as usual with all Chinese clothes.
American jacket Rosewholesale
 American jacket Rosewholesale
Hoodie that this cool, it has nothing to do with how it appears in the photos, it has even a hole to take the finger out of the sleeve, but when you give it 4 or 5 washes it gets horrible balls. Its price was 6.77 $

Edit: A month later the sweatshirt is full of balls so do not buy this type of fabrics.

 sweatshirt rosewholesale
sweatshirt rosewholesale
And what about this cute rosewholesale Paris pendant , if it's a love :-) price is $ 4.91.And the best part is that when you add something to the shopping cart, the shipping costs rise like foam. Today I did the test because what you see above was a collaboration.
I put clothes in my basket worth 35 euros, but the shipping costs amounted to 24 euros, which I think is quite abusive by rosewholesale .
That's why I do not recommend it, because in AliExpress Shop you can get the same clothes, cheaper and almost always with free shipping costs.
The clothes will show you another day in an outfit What do you think about the web Rosewholesale ?