The Pros and Cons of Allowing a 12-Year-Old to Wear Makeup

As children grow and develop, they begin to express their individuality in various ways. One such way is through their appearance, which can include the use of makeup. However, the question of whether a 12-year-old should be allowed to wear makeup is a contentious one. It’s a topic that elicits a wide range of opinions, often influenced by cultural, societal, and personal beliefs. To make an informed decision, it’s essential to consider the pros and cons of allowing a 12-year-old to wear makeup.

Pros of Allowing a 12-Year-Old to Wear Makeup

  • Self-Expression: Makeup can be a form of self-expression and creativity. It allows children to experiment with different looks and express their individuality.

  • Boosts Confidence: For some children, wearing makeup can boost their self-esteem and confidence, especially during the awkward pre-teen years.

  • Teaches Responsibility: Learning to apply makeup properly and take care of their skin can teach children about responsibility and self-care.

Cons of Allowing a 12-Year-Old to Wear Makeup

  • Early Sexualization: There’s a risk that wearing makeup at a young age can lead to early sexualization. It can attract unwanted attention and create pressure to look a certain way.

  • Skin Damage: Makeup can be harmful to young, sensitive skin. It can lead to acne, skin irritation, and other skin problems if not used properly.

  • Dependence on Makeup: There’s a risk that children may become overly reliant on makeup for their self-esteem and self-image, which can be unhealthy.


Ultimately, the decision to allow a 12-year-old to wear makeup should be a personal one, made by the child and their parents or guardians. It’s important to have open and honest discussions about the reasons for wanting to wear makeup, the potential risks, and the importance of using makeup responsibly. It’s also crucial to reinforce the idea that beauty comes from within and that makeup is just a tool for enhancement, not a necessity for self-worth.


What age is appropriate for a child to start wearing makeup?

There’s no set age when a child should start wearing makeup. It depends on the child’s maturity level, reasons for wanting to wear makeup, and their ability to use it responsibly.

How can I teach my child to use makeup responsibly?

Start by teaching them about skincare and the importance of removing makeup before bed. You can also teach them to use makeup sparingly and for enhancement rather than to cover up their natural beauty.